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7 Valuable 18th Birthday Gift Ideas for Your Baby That Don’t Cost Money

7 Valuable 18th Birthday Gift Ideas for Your Baby That Don't Cost a Thing

7 Valuable Gift Ideas for Your Baby's 18th Birthday That Don't Cost Money

7 Valuable 18th Birthday Gift Ideas for Your Child That Don't Cost Money

Yeah, you’ve read that right! 18th birthday gift ideas for your BABY.

These are simple gift ideas you can plan throughout your pregnancy and until your baby’s 18. They’re valuable gifts and they don’t cost a thing!

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Write Letters to Your Baby in a Journal

This is similar to a baby book, but much more personal and detailed. In addition, your journal extends far beyond your child’s younger years. Start filling out the journal during your pregnancy. Write letters to your baby. How often did he or she kick you? Did she like the spicy food you had today? Was he practicing his somersaults and bag punches? Write down your feelings and your inspirations. Not only will this be a lovely 18th birthday gift, mom will have a diary chronicling her parenting journey (until she gives it up that is…).

You can even make the journal into a bullet journal! Design and decorate it as you would with any bujo. Add notes to your baby’s favorite foods, milestones, and important dates. The possibilities are endless and can transform a regular journal into a truly beautiful one.

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Create an Email Address and Email Letters

Compared to the journaling method, an email address presents its own pros and cons. An advantage is that you’re always going to have access to the email and its content. Another advantage is that it’s easier to access, especially now that we’re advancing more and more into the technological age. It won’t get lost. And if you do lose the password, you can always retrieve it. When you lose your journal, it’s gone forever. However, an email address is not going to present that nostalgic touch. Something to consider! Maybe try both!

Store and Save Their Special Toys and Favorite Clothes for a Time Capsule Gift

While your teenager may grow out of his favorite Legos at 15, he might miss them at 18+. Save favorites in a box for a gift that grows in sentimental value.

Take Pictures of Them Every Day

You can get as involved in this as you want. The Dutch filmmaker Hofmeester took pictures of his daughter every day until she was 18 and created a beautiful 1-minute slideshow, which you can check out below. Caution: There may be waterworks!

Make a Funny/Embarrassing Moments Photo Album

Kids do a lot of cute and funny things. Round up the funniest, AFV-approved photos and set them aside for a totally hilarious and one-of-a-kind photo album. You can write notes on the back of the photos for an additional surprise.

Make a Funny/Embarrassing Moments Video Roundup

Instead of photos, you can decide to compile the best family moments into a video for viewing on their 18th birthday. This gift is one the entire family can enjoy.

Write Uplifting Letters and Place Them Inside a Piggy Bank

Write inspiring letters and stuff them into a piggy bank, preferably one with a large bottom slot. Let them know whenever they’re feeling down or missing home, they can remove one of the notes and read it. This is a perfect gift for college-bound kids.

It’s never too early to start planning your baby’s 18th birthday gift and remember it doesn’t have to cost a thing.

Are there any 18th gift ideas that you’re currently organizing? Comment down below!


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