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4 Easy Bullet Journal Monthly Cover Pages to Try This Fall

Fall is here and I’m so excited to share these 4 easy fall bullet journal monthly cover pages with you, inspired by back to school stationery!

Not having “bullet journal stationery” shouldn’t prevent you from creating and designing a beautiful bujo. Think outside the box! There are so many techniques and ways to use stuff you already have in the house.

Keep reading to learn how to use regular pens to make an intricate hatching design, how to transform Crayola markers into a watercolor medium, and even how to use your fingerprints to make a monthly cover page that’s super adorable. Check it out!

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August Hatches

4 Easy Bullet Journal Monthly Cover Pages to Try This Fall

To replicate my August monthly cover page, you’ll need to gather a few colored pens. The ones I used are the BIC Cristals. Markers, even the thin felt tip ones, may be a bit too bulky for the hatching (funny how I ended up picking Easter colors for this “hatching” design).

This hatching pattern works extremely well with bullet journals. You’ll be able to fit 5 hatches within a “box” and all you need to do is alternate between horizontal and vertical hatches.

I recommend you take things slow and complete one column at a time with a single color. Mainly to stay clear of messing up.

The entire process does take a bit of time, but I found it to be quite meditative. Turn on your favorite jams and definitely take breaks!

Kitty Print September

4 Easy Bullet Journal Monthly Cover Pages to Try This Fall

My September monthly cover was a bit on the quirky side. I took the liberty to pull out an old stamp pad and make fingerprint kitties. Anyone remember making fingerprint art as a kid? So fun!

Feel free to make up your own characters. I’d love to see what you guys come up with!

Spooky October

4 Easy Bullet Journal Monthly Cover Pages to Try This Fall

For my October spread, I drew a spider web – a ruler is a must!

And of course, what’s a web without a creepy crawly spider? I kept this monthly cover spread simple and added some functionality with a calendar.

By the way, if you’re still new to bujos and haven’t gotten your hands on some mildliners, any marker will work just fine. However, you do want to make sure you choose the utmost lightest colors since they tend to go on pretty dark.

Also unlike mildliners, you won’t be able to highlight on top of your text as this can usually lead to smearing so you would have to use the markers underneath any lettering.

November Watercolor Scribbles

4 Easy Bullet Journal Monthly Cover Pages to Try This Fall

For the November monthly cover, I opted for a fall color palette and took an abstract route, which I’m super excited about since I think it turned out pretty good!

For this monthly cover page, you’ll need:

The how-to:

  1. Scribble a border with a black sharpie. I recommend you do some practice runs on a separate piece of paper to ensure you like your scribbles. Try not to lift the pen once you’ve started. Flow it out! Add both curvy lines and sharp edges for contrast.

You must use a permanent marker for your scribbles because you’ll be going over them with watercolor, or in this case, I used Crayola Super Tips Washable Markers to create a watercolor effect (but any washable markers will do). If you use a water-based marker, it will bleed! Not good.

2. Next, choose a few colors (I used 5 fall themed colors) and with the first color, scribble onto the plate to deposit the ink. Lightly dip a q-tip into a water cup and drag it over the ink. Voila! Your q-tip is now a watercolor brush! Take your q-tip and use it to paint along the lines of your scribbles.

3. Continue this process until you’ve completed painting all the lines.

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