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5 Brilliant Tips to Declutter Your Wallet That’ll Also Save You Money!

5 Brilliant Tips to Declutter Your Wallet That'll Also Save You Money!

The practice of minimizing clutter has been shown to reduce anxiety while also increasing our awareness of spending habits. While you’ve likely worked on decluttering your home, you’ve probably haven’t given a second thought to decluttering something you use every day – your wallet.

A cluttered wallet increases anxiety levels and also prevents you from saving money. I mean, when was the last time you couldn’t find a coupon or a fully punched stamp card? So before you leave your house today, discover the 5 brilliant tips to declutter your wallet that’ll also save you money!

Carry Only the Essentials

These are going to be things like your ID, insurance card, and debit card. Keep a favorite credit card with you and leave the rest at home. This way you’ll be less tempted to overspend. Got coupons? They’ll come in handy for a savings boost when you’re ready to check out.

Toss Everything Else

Things like unimportant receipts, punch cards you’ll never use (but hang onto those you do!), and other litter can go in the wastebasket. Ask for e-receipts at stores that offer them. One thing I do hang onto is my movie ticket stubs. I don’t have any use for them, but they’re totally my one guilty clutter! 😊

Bill, Bills, Bills

While your debit card can perform the bulk of your IRL purchases, it’s a good idea to have roughly $20 in cash to avoid minimum charges when you just want a quick bite.

Keep (a Little) Change

Lugging around a lot of change will not only bulk up your wallet, it’ll make you feel like you’re carrying mini weights. Hold onto the bare minimum in cases where you’ll need to pay a parking meter.

Opt for a Mini Cardholder or Wallet

Roomy wallets readily attract clutter. Instead, opt for a mini cardholder or wallet. Since you can’t fit as much stuff, you’ll be more choosy in what you’ll want to bring along. I went to Target last weekend and got this adorable accordion case wallet for $7. I find a lot of mini wallets are either too “mini” or don’t have a coin holder, but this little guy had everything I was looking for. And at only $7, I had to get it!

Do you have any wallet decluttering tips to share? Leave a comment down below!

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