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8 Genius Hacks to Use Magazine Scent Strips That Will Blow Your Mind

8 Genius Hacks to Use Magazine Scent Strips That Will Blow Your Mind

Have you ever wondered what you could do with magazine scent strips beside sampling them? Surely there must be other ways to use these little guys. And as it turns out, there are quite a few genius hacks to put those many many magazine scent strips to good use. So if you have magazines you’ve yet to throw out, tear out the strips and keep reading for 8 genius hacks to use magazine scent strips that will blow your mind. Check them out below and stop throwing these gems out!

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Place a Strip Inside Your Toilet Paper Roll

Open up a perfume strip and wrap it on the interior of your toilet paper roll. It’ll release a fresh scent every time you unroll the toilet paper and you’ll surprise guests with the fresh scent.

Rub Your Favorite Scent on a Plush Keychain

If you have a plush keychain, rub your favorite scent onto it for an instant on-the-go aromatizer.

Put a Few Strips in Your Underwear Drawer to Keep It Smelling Fresh

Open up a few strips and set them in your underwear drawer. Switch them out when they’re no longer fragrant.

Use One as a Bookmark

Another way to use perfume scent strips is to use them as a bookmark for books, journals, or planners.

Keep One in Your Purse and Gym Bag

A perfume strip will do wonders for your musty bag, but it’s not the cutest accessory. Instead, cut the strips into small pieces and place them inside a tea filter bag for an aromatic DIY pouch. Make one for your purse, gym bag, and just about anywhere else that needs a bit of freshening up. You can even give them away as gifts!

Place Scented Tea Bags in Your Shoes

Place a DIY aromatic tea bag in your shoes to whisk away bad odor. Try a new scent for every shoe. For a stronger scent, run a blow dryer on low for 3-4 seconds over the tea bags to help the strips release their scent.

Leave a Scented Tea Bag in Your Car for a DIY Car Freshener

Another place that you can use your DIY aromatic tea bag is your car. If you put it somewhere in direct sunlight, the heat will help to intensify the scent and fill your car with fragrance. I recommend hanging your DIY car freshener on your rear-view mirror, just like a regular freshener.

And Finally, You Can Use Them!

A simple hack to get the most wear out of your perfume strips is to apply a bit of vaseline on your wrists and pulse points before application. You’ll see that the aroma lasts much longer. You can get the same results with an unscented moisturizer as well.

I hope you enjoy these hacks and remember to recycle those hefty magazines afterward. 😊

Do you have any brilliant hacks for magazines scent strips? Leave a comment below!

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