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6 Hacks to Get Your Feet Insta-Ready This Summer

6 Hacks to Get Your Feet Summer Ready

Summer’s here. You’ve got your best SPF in hand, makeup’s flawless, and your outfit’s a 10. You’re ready, but what about your feet?

Don’t neglect your beloved toes. Give them a summer-ready makeover with these 6 hacks to get your feet insta-ready this summer.

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Freshen Your Feet with an Epsom Salt Soak

Salt eliminates odor by killing bacteria found on your feet. While you can definitely use regular salt, Epsom salt offers a ton of additional benefits. Epsom salt contains magnesium and sulfates that remove toxins and softens skin. To prepare a feet soak, dissolve 1/2 cup of Epsom salt in 8 cups of warm water in a small tub. Soak your feet for at least 10 minutes. Rinse and dry.

Soak your feet twice a week for the best results.

Additional tip: Add 2 drops of your favorite essential oil for added freshness. Some good choices are lavender, peppermint, and eucalyptus.

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Pamper Your Feet with a Pedicure Home Treatment

You can go to the salon and get a pedicure for $30-40. OR you can save that money and give your feet a DIY pedicure at home. For an at-home pedicure, you’ll need:

This Summer’s Hottest Pedicure Colors:

butter LONDON Candy Floss

Give your toes a bit of brightness with this fun summer color. This swatch’s sure to make them pop.

Essie Flowerista

Flower fanatics, this one’s for you. This rich magenta will turn heads everywhere you go.

ZOYA Purity

White is the ultimate toenail color, especially for summer. This shade is uber chic and goes well with just about anything.

Sally Hansen Red My Lips

Paint a coat of sultry red for toes that are fun and flirty. You’ll want a coat for your hands too.

Essie Empower-mint

Mint is extremely compelling. To show it off, opt for peep-toed shoes or sandals.

Sally Hansen Sweet Talker

For a nude, natural look, choose baby pink. Light pink looks great with everything and it’s super chic. Pair with anything and everything.

DIY At-Home Pedicure

It’s best to perform a pedicure after a feet soak (check tip #1) to have your cuticles soft and manageable. Also, make sure to sterilize your tools with rubbing alcohol before use to prevent infection. Always wash your hands beforehand!

After a 10-15 minute soak, dry your feet and use the nail bed pusher to gently push back your cuticles. Use your cuticle trimmer to gently nip away dead skin and raised cuticles. You can also use your trimmer to cut your nails at this time. Afterward, take your nail file and file down any rough edges. Grab your buffer and buff your nail bed for a polished look.

If you plan on painting your toenails, paint a base coat, add 2-3 coats of color, then add your top coat.


Moisturizer is the key for younger-looking skin. Our feet often get overlooked but don’t forget about them! If you don’t already own a great moisturizer, definitely check out Hempz Herbal Body Moisturizer. It’s enriched with 100% natural hemp seed oil and contains vitamins C, A, and E to protect your skin. Plus, it smells amazing.

Remember to apply SPF wherever your skin’s exposed.

If your feet are in need of extra TLC, try an exfoliating foot peel mask. The mask stays on your feet for an hour and does all the work for you. No scrubbing required. The mask removes calluses and does wonders for rough feet.


Accessories can make a big difference in how your feet look and how YOU feel. The hottest feet accessories for the summer are toe rings and anklets. If you’re going to be spending time without shoes, adorn a pair of barefoot sandals.

Find Shoes to Enhance Your Feet

Shoes are a girl’s best friend. Give your feet some love with these trendy summer styles.

Swedish Clog Sandals

Pair your fresh feet with Swedish clog sandals. The low heel makes them comfortable for everyday wear. And trust me, you’ll want to wear these whenever you get the chance.

Espadrille Wedge Peep-Toe

Espadrille shoes are made of flexible esparto rope soles. The look compliments summer to a T. These shoes are lightweight and fun, especially when paired with an awesome nail color.

Chinese Laundry Pom Pom Sandal

Add a pop of color to your feet with vibrant pom poms. The toe ring adds a nice touch. No need for nail color or accessories when you’re donning these.

Modemoven Slingback Pumps

Vogue-girl, slingback pumps are for you. They’re sleek and minimal, but they clearly make a statement. These Modemoven pumps come in a range of colors, but this pale green shade is so dreamy.

Birkenstock Mayari Thong

Thongs are back in style. They’re ultra-comfortable, perfect for summer adventures that require lots of walking. Give your toenails a wash of color to complete the look.

Spray Dry Shampoo Inside Smelly Shoes to Soak Up Moisture and Prevent Odor

Own a pair of favorites that could use some deodorant? Moisture is a haven for odor-causing bacteria. Spray dry shampoo into your shoes before you wear them to absorb excess moisture.

Place tea bags or desiccant packs (usually found in food packaging) in your shoes to keep them dry when storing.

Beautiful feet are only a few hacks away. Get them ready for the gram!


Do you have any summer hacks you’d like to share? Leave me a comment down below!

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