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8 Amazing Things That Happen When You Drink 8 Cups of Water Every Day

8 Amazing Things That Happen When You Drink 8 Cups of Water Every Day

8 Amazing Things That Happen When You Drink 8 Cups of Water Every Day

Our bodies contain 50-60% water. Water is what allows our cells to hold its shape and carry out important bodily functions. Health experts agree on drinking 8-10 cups of water every day. But how many people are actually doing that? Nearly no one.

Most of us drink water only when we’re thirsty. We don’t drink for hydration until we have to. Exercise and intaking dehydrating diuretics such as tea and coffee mean we have to drink even more water.

If you aren’t already drinking up to 8 cups of water every day, you’re missing out on a whole lot of benefits. Not convinced? Here are 8 amazing things that happen when you drink 8 cups of water every day.

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You’ll Have Softer Skin That Glows

If you want youthful, radiant-looking skin, your best beauty product is water. Dehydration dries and wrinkles your skin, while water nourishes it and delivers important nutrients that slow the aging process.

You’ll Have More Energy

Water is the fuel for our cells. When you drink 8 cups of water every day, you’re literally maximizing your body’s energy. A glass of cold water in the morning is the perfect way to wake up and get your day started. If you need a pick-me-up, don’t reach for your daily energy drink, coffee, or tea. A cup of water is low calories, sugar-free, and no crash.

You’ll Have Fewer Breakouts

Water removes toxins that cause breakouts. You can expect clearer skin in just one week. Water is a gentle way to eliminate breakouts without causing irritation.

You’ll Flush Out Toxins

Your kidneys are busy at work every day to filter toxins from your blood. Meanwhile, blood is made up of 92% water. When you drink enough water, your kidneys can do a better job of removing toxins from your body.

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You’ll Reduce Your Risk of Kidney Stones

Kidney stones are the result of a buildup of minerals and acid salts. They’re painful, but also preventable. Drinking plenty of water minimizes their accumulation and helps to pass these minerals through urine.

You’ll Feel Fuller and Snack Less

Water is a great way to manage your diet. Water gives you a sensation of being full, which means you’ll be snacking less.

You’ll Have an Easier Time Going Number Two

Constipation is a common problem most people have. Eating a diet high in fiber is an obvious solution. A lesser-known solution is to drink plenty of water. Water softens your stool and provides for an easier bowel movement.

You’ll Be Using the Restroom (a Lot!)

Having to use the restroom multiple times within a couple hours can be annoying. But it’s actually a good thing! It means your body’s functioning at its best. Light-colored urine indicates you’re properly hydrated. If your urine is dark or yellow, it’s time to drink to more water.

If you find it difficult to stay hydrated, you can use an app like Daily Water to help set reminders. You can also place rubber bands around your water bottle and remove one every time you refill your bottle. Remember, you want to be drinking at least 64 oz or 8 cups of water a day (8 oz = 1 cup).

The best way to feel great is to drink water. Have you done the water challenge? I’d love to know how you feel!

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